Portrait Of A Rose

I got a new camera and decided to take it for a spin. I’ve always wanted to take really romantic photos of my roses. Some of them are so amazingly beautiful. But like most things, its beauty doesn’t last so the best way to capture them is by documenting them in photographs and other art forms. Here are a few portraits of some of my favorite roses that have bloomed during the best rose-growing time of the year here in South Florida.

IMG_5273Ambridge Rose (Austin) and Pink Traviata (Meilland)

A few more of this duo that so nicely complimented each other:

IMG_5238v2Dames De Chenonceau (Delbard) is my favorite rose.


IMG_5194-v4Papi Delbard: a most photogenic rose. Below are a few more shots of Papi Delbard.



IMG_5345Here we have 3 Austins: Evelyn (left), Claire Austin (right) and Ambridge Rose (top). This trio was so charming that I took various portraits of them.

IMG_5379Quietness (Buck) makes a great cut rose and is also very photogenic.


A few more shots of various bouquets and roses including Cherry Parfait with Margot Koster (top right).



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