The Garden In Springtime!

Rose_Garden02Every year around the beginning of May my garden is at its peak. I recently few shots of the view of my garden right before the rains came. I’m impressed with my Chrysler Imperial that seems to almost always have blooms nowadays, its exceptionally healthy for a hybrid tea and when its in bloom it adds lots of interest to the garden. Sweet Drift like always, is full of blooms no matter where I plant it.

Rudbeckia and snapdragons also make quite the presence as well as trusty old fashioned impatiens that are hard to find now because of the downy mildew epidemic.  I snagged a few at Lowes when I found them this year.


Chrysler Imperial (the red rose) is probably the best red hybrid tea for South Florida. Other good hybrid teas include Wedding Bells, Pope John Paul II and Grande Dame.

Behind Chrysler Imperial you can see Carefree Wonder, to the bottom right in pink is Sweet Drift and the white one towards the bottom is Prosperity.Rose_Garden09

Plum Perfect with Carefree Wonder behind.


David Austin’s Windermere is happy this spring.


Duchess De Brabant, growing very large and healthy has more buds than blooms but is still gorgeous. Here she is surrounded by pink pentas.


Mrs. B.R. Cant pumps out the blooms. This one can get big, so give her room.


A different angel with one Pat Austin bloom upfront (she’s a baby and just taking off), Chrysler Imperial (red), Heritage (light pink). Then from left to right, Carefree Wonder, Sweet Mademoiselle (the coral orange single bloom) and Plum Perfect. Way in the back you can see B.R. Cant showing off her stuff and Louis Philippe next to some Mexican Petunia.


A large bud from Red Riding Hood is getting ready to bloom to the left and a large white dahlia stands proud to the right.

Hope you enjoyed the tour of the garden looking very nice this spring.


2 thoughts on “The Garden In Springtime!

  1. Angela Calvo says:

    What a gorgeous garden you have! Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge;it is of tremendous value to gardeners like me who are still trying to figure things out. My current project involves creating a hedge of roses, preferably with varieties which do not require staking. They must be fragrant, and of the following colors: light pink, white or cream, and dark red. Do you have any recommendations? I live in Miami, and I wish more of my fellow residents would indulge all of us with the beauty of roses in their gardens!


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