A Bouquet Of Roses

Every week I try to make myself a little bouquet for my desk at work. If I cant be in the garden, I like to bring a bit of the garden with me. It cheers me up and reminds me of why I love to garden so much. Here is my arrangement of the week:


The varieties in the left side vase are Jubilee Celebration (deep pink), Souvenir De Baden Baden (ivory) and Heritage. On the right hand side you see Sheila’s Perfume (pink blend), Gemini (light pink) and Livin’ Easy (orange). These were topped off with delphiniums from the garden as well as a few sprigs of Ageratum which was grown from seed.


2 thoughts on “A Bouquet Of Roses

  1. Judy Scott says:

    Beautiful! I have no roses to cut with us in the middle of winter but I frequent Kroger to buy fresh flowers to get me thru til spring!! Bouquets are gorgeous!! 💞💞


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