Dianthus (Sweet William)

Dianthus (Sweet William)

Dianthus (Sweet William)

Another somewhat short lived plant here in South Florida, this biennial (living two years) plant usually doesn’t last more than a few months for me. I can’t help but give them a try each year as they bring lots of color to the garden and are a great cut flower.

One thought on “Dianthus (Sweet William)

  1. Angela Calvo says:

    It looks like your plants are in the ground? My Dianthus (and most of my flowering plants) are in containers, because I I still can’t figure out the landscaping! I love Dianthus, especially the dark red. I have had much more success with Dianthus than with Angelonia in terms of longevity and vigor. I have only had experience with the plants I bought at Lowe’s (where I get most of my flowering plants), however, I have seen lovely varieties (seeds) on line that I would love to try. I am not disciplined when it comes to growing from seed.


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